About Us

Topfloor hollow-core concrete floor panels have been an important contributor to the growth of the building and construction industry in the Western Cape since 1997

That role has been strengthened through the acquisition of Topfloor by the Echo Group, South Africa’s largest and longest-established prestressed and precast floor manufacturer.

Echo already has two manufacturing plants in Gauteng and one in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and its move into the Western Cape gives the 26-year-old industry pioneer a footprint for the first time in the Cape’s precast and prestressed floor industry.

Importantly, though, Topfloor, based in Belville South, keeps its name – a name built on a concrete foundation of quality and dependability.


Applications of Topfloor

Topfloor is suitable for use as a suspended concrete floor slab in most types of multi-storey buildings.

For example residential houses, flats & townhouses, affordable housing, schools, industrial buildings, office blocks, hotels, culvert covers, multi-storey car parks, shopping centers, suspended ground floor slabs in areas of clay heave and shrinkage.

The Topfloor flooring solution is suitable for steel, concrete & masonry structures.


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